Editorial Board

New Zealand Sociology editorial advisory board

We are extremely pleased to be able to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of a wide range of international and local scholars through our editorial advisory board. 


Professor Donna Baines, University of Sydney

Professor Peter Beilharz, Curtin University

Professor Hartley Dean, London School of Economics

Associate Professor Farida Fozdar, University of Western Australia

Dr Mary Holmes, University of Edinburgh

Adjunct Professor Scott Poynting, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Simon Lambert, University of Saskatchewan

Professor Greg Marsden, University of Queensland

Professor Gregor McLennan, University of Bristol

Professor Chris Rojek, City, University of London

Dr Brad West, University of South Australia

Professor Imogen Tyler, Lancaster University

Professor Maggie Walter, University of Tasmania



New Zealand

Dr Allen Bartley, University of Auckland

Dr Melanie Beres, University of Otago

Professor Hugh Campbell, University of Otago

Prof Keven Dew, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Joanna Fountain, Lincoln University

Dr Chamsy el-Ojeili, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr Roslyn Kerr, Lincoln University

Prof Alison Kirkman, University of Waikato

Emeritus Professor Cluny Macpherson, Massey University

Dr Ruth McManus, University of Canterbury

Dr Marama Muru-Lanning, University of Auckland

Dr Suzanne Phibbs, Massey University

Prof Steven Ratuva, University of Canterbury

Dr Johanna Schmidt, University of Waikato

Dr Peter Skilling, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Laumua Tunufa'i, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Juan Tauri, University of Waikato