Previous Issues - 2022

Issue 37(2) 2022

Affordable Housing, Democratic Erosion, and the Inevitability of Capitalism

Colin McLeay

Māori Perspectives on Assisted Reproduction and Fertility Treatment: A Review of the Literature

Danielle Webb and Rhonda M. Shaw

Breaking the Binary: The New Zealand National Party and Strategic Populism for Elite Ends

Joe Clifford

Inequality and Class in Rural New Zealand

Ann Pomeroy

Toa and the Wero: The Gang and Community Contract Ko Tū a Waho, ko Rongo a Roto. Tū Outside, Rongo Inside

Carl Bradley

Confronting the “Racist Demon”: Renegotiating South African Domestic Entitlement in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Kayleigh Geyer, Keith Tuffin and Ella R. Kahu

Women Behaving Badly: Problematisation and Biopolitical Governance of Gender in the New Zealand Abortion Debate

Amelia Lawley

Grubs Up: Multiple Enactments of Insects as Food in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Caitlin Hyde

David Ian Pool: 22 November 1936 – 8 April 2022; Emeritus Professor, University of Waikato - Colleague and friend

David Swain and Charles Crothers



Issue 37(1) 2022 Special Issue: When Mana Whenua and Mana Moana Make Knowledge

Simon Barber and Sereana Naepi

Research articles
Vā-kā: Igniting the space between Mana Whenua and Mana Moana research relations
Hinekura Smith and ‘Ema Wolfgramm-Foliaki

Wetland: Draining Mana Whenua
Alice Te Punga Somerville

Building understandings of Māori and Samoan experiences of youth justice: Navigating beyond the limits of official statistics
Robert Webb, Tamasailau Suaalii-Sauni, Talia Wright-Bardohl and Juan Tauri

Fakakoloa as embodied mana moana and agency: Postcolonial sociology within Oceania
David Taufui Mikato Fa‘avae, Edmond Fehoko and Sione Vaka

Research ‘side-spaces’ and the criticality of Auckland, New Zealand, as a site for developing a queer Pacific scholarly agenda
Patrick Thomsen

Hoʻopili: Exploring social sciences from the ʻāina
Kamakanaokealoha M. Aquino

Mana Whenua, Mana Moana, Mana Tinana, Mana Mōmona
Ashlea Gillon, Jade Le Grice, Melinda Webber and Tracey McIntosh

Ngā tohu o te taiao: Observing signs of the natural world to identify seastar over-abundance as a detriment to shellfish survival in Ōhiwa Harbour, Aotearoa/New Zealand
Kura Paul-Burke, Rokahurihia Ngarimu-Camron, Waka Paul, Joe Burke, Trevor Ransfield, Wallace Aramoana, Kerry Cameron, Tuwhakairiora O’Brien and Charlie Bluett

Working at the interface of Te Ao Māori and social science
Margaret Forster

Rangahau rangatiratanga: Writing as a Māori scholar
Helen Moewaka Barnes


Book reviews
Imagining decolonisation – reviewed by Miriama Aoake

The platform: The radical legacy of the Polynesian Panthers - reviewed by Tamasailau Suaalii-Sauni