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Issue 38(2) 2023

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Research Articles

The Fantasmatic Logic of Social Innovation: The Case of Auckland’s The Southern Initiative
Chris McMillan

The Climate Change Policies of the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand: An Eco-Socialist Analysis and Critical Evaluation
Brian S. Roper

Penal Populism, Prison and Performance Measures: Autoethnography of a New Zealand Corrections Officer
Luke Oldfield

White Cultural Imperialism and the New Zealand Criminal Justice System: Importance of Insider Voices
Jessica Martin


The University of Auckland Sociology “Class of 1984”
Charles Crothers

Research Notes

Checking Subtler Gender Differences in New Zealand Sociology Phd Students’ Article Production During
Enrolment (2010–19)
Adam Rajčan and Edgar Burns

Social Mobility: Contemporary Theoretical Considerations and the Constructivist Structuralism of Pierre
Elizabeth Rodríguez Holguín and Milton Fernando Dionicio Lozano

Book Reviews
Activism, Feminism, Politics and Parliament
Reviewed by Tracey Nicholls

Privilege in Perpetuity: Exploding a Pākehā Myth
Reviewed by Matthew Wynyard

Public Sociology: Between Utopia and Anti-Utopia
Reviewed by Casimir MacGregor

Obituary: Charles Crothers

Charles Crothers – A Tribute
Cluny Macpherson


Issue 38(1) 2023 Special Issue: Theorising Mental Health

Theorising Mental Health: Introduction to Special Issue - Bruce M. Z. Cohen

Research articles
Community Psychiatry and the Medicalisation of Unemployment - Samuel Vella

Homosexuality in the DSM: A Critique of Depathologisation and Heteronormativity - Arin Hectors

Deconstructing Antisocial Personality Disorder - Gayle Jones

The Network Approach to Major Depressive Disorder: A Critical Realist Perspective - Lennox Johnson

Gender Dysphoria and the Medicalisation of Distress - Virginia Lambert

Happy Now? A Foulcaudian Analysis of the World Happiness Report 2021 - Zak Devey

A Queer Critique of Psychiatric Knowledge: Medicalising Queer Sadness - Kate Jack

Book reviews
Troubled Persons Industries: The Expansion of Psychiatric Categories beyond Psychiatry - Reviewed by Benjamin Hemmings

Explaining Mental Illness: Sociological Perspectives - Reviewed by Roberto McLeay